Is Your Divorce Attorney Ethical?

Attorneys are professionals governed by a professional code of conduct.  The attorney must take care to avoid conflicts of interest.  These often arise where the attorney has a current or prior relationship with a person or party adverse to the client.  Conflicts also arise in determining the best course of action on a case.  Obviously, the longer a case lasts, the greater the fees on a case will be. Hire Divorce Lawyer In San Diego for  handling cases and providing quality services related to divorce or child custody.

The attorney must make the top priority the client’s best interest.  The client must be informed of the costs and benefits of alternate courses of action.  Often, settlement involves sacrificing some result which may be possibly obtained through litigation, but which offers certainty and lower costs.

Divorce Lawyer In San Diego

On a more practical and personal level, attorneys have an ethical duty to keep the client informed of what is going on in the client’s case.  The attorney must always respond to the client’s e-mails and telephone calls.  Failure to adhere to these ethical duties is one of the most common complaints about lawyers.  Attorneys who fail in this duty are not just inattentive, they are unethical.

Divorce Lawyer In San Diego

Your attorney has an ethical responsibility to only employ tactics which are consistent with truth and veracity.  Thus, an attorney cannot simply accept what the client says just because they have an attorney-client relationship.  An ethical attorney must seek to ascertain the truth, which often means obtaining verifying evidence of a claim made either by the client or by the opposing party.

In a divorce case, the attorney has an ethical obligation to ascertain the true value of each of the community assets.  This often requires the attorney to employ the services of financial experts.  While this can be expensive, the information is essential in order for the client to make an informed decision on any potential resolution of the case.

Emotions run high in divorce cases.  Often, one side (or both) have a desire to ruin the other side financially, emotionally, or both.  An ethical attorney should have no part of these aims.  In fact, an attorney must withdraw from a case he or she knows or should know that the client is acting with the purpose of harassing or maliciously injuring a person.

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Performing “personalized legal aid services” means putting you, the client, first.  By strictly adhering to the professional standards, your legal needs will be met.  Contact attorney Michael C. MacNeil to begin an attorney-client relationship with an ethical attorney.

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