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Child Custody

About Child Custody for Unmarried Mothers in California

You have just experienced one of your life’s joyous occasions—the birth of your bundle of joy. At the same time, you’re experiencing one of life’s greatest nightmares—a custody squabble with the child’s father, as you are not currently married to him. The question is, what are unmarried mothers’ custody rights in California? And does the […]

Handling Child Endangerment & Neglect Charges During Divorce Cases

Divorce is a messy process that brings up a lot of people’s dirty business. Among that dirty business is a child’s wellbeing. In some cases, this can even include child endangerment under the California penal code. Managing child custody during a divorce case is already difficult. When California child endangerment charges surface, you’ve opened up […]

How Full Custody in California Works

As you embark on the process of divorce, you no doubt feel a sense of relief: you have taken the steps to move on from a partnership that no longer serves you. When you and your future ex-spouse have children together, however, the process can become a little more convoluted, particularly if you know that […]
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Child Custody in California Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating child custody can understandably be confusing and thus overwhelming in California. This is especially true for unmarried parents in California. That’s because in California, child custody laws for unmarried parents differ from those for married parents. Here is a rundown on FAQ and related answers involving child custody and parental rights in California. Parental […]

Everything You Need to Know About Child Support Arrearage

The long-term ripple effects of divorce and child custody disputes last long after the divorce proceeding itself, particularly when it comes to your children. Your ex-spouse is constantly contacting you about your child support payments. You may have even received communication from their lawyer about the same. Your ex partner’s legal team have mentioned three […]
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Top 3 Questions To Ask A Child Custody Attorney In San Diego

Child Custody in Divorce – How will the court decide how much custody to give to each parent? First, it depends on the timing of the request for the court to make an order on child custody.  If there is no current child custody order, the court will consider “the best interests of the child.”  […]

Changing Child Custody Jurisdiction: San Diego Guide

It is not uncommon for a divorce to occur in a military family that has lived in several different military towns—including San Diego—over the course of years. Sometimes a couple will separate and end up living in different cities or states before the divorce case is filed. In fact, sometimes unmarried couples have a child […]

Stepparent Adoption And Termination Of Parental Rights

Stepparent Adoption and termination of Parental Rights What is termination of Parental rights in a divorce?  When attempting to get an absent parent to pay child support seems like more trouble than it is worth, there is another option when a parent has remarried.  That is stepparent adoption, which confers upon the stepparent all the […]

Pre-Judgment Child Custody Disputes

When the parties to a forthcoming divorce separate, the issue of child custody can become a thorny issue.  Often it takes time before the court hearing the divorce matter addresses the issue of child custody in a formal way.  Several steps have to occur, such as child custody mediation.Hire Best San Diego Family law Attorney […]

Accused Of Domestic Violence During Divorce Case?

Domestic violence is a serious issue, and cannot be excused.  But if you find yourself accused of committing domestic violence, this can have a negative effect on your divorce, and in some cases, you can be prosecuted and punished in criminal court.Hire San Diego Family Court Services Attorney for  handling cases and providing quality services related to […]

Child Custody And Divorce Proceedings In San Diego

Divorce can certainly be a process. If you do not have an outlined prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, divorce proceedings can be drawn out for months, or even years. After making proper arrangements of property and assets, children are often caught up in the list of things that need to be settled. Hire Child Custody Attorney […]