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Cost of Divorce in California

The divorce process can be stressful and expensive. In California, the amount you spend on your separation depends upon which procedure you select and how long it drags out in court. To ensure a favorable outcome, proper financial preparation beforehand is essential. So to help you do that, I put together an overview of the […]

How Pending Criminal Charges Impact Your Divorce Case

You have chosen to part ways with your spouse, and you can’t help but to feel a sense of relief in the middle of your divorce-fueled emotional whirlwind. Unfortunately, figuring out how to navigate your divorce isn’t your only problem right now, as either you or your soon-to-be-ex is now also facing a criminal charge […]

What is a Bifurcated Divorce?

Understanding How Bifurcated Divorce Works in California You’ve decided to call it quits with your spouse, and now, you’re ready to move on with your independent life as quickly as possible. The problem is, it seems that your divorce process will take a lot longer than you’d like. What now? Now may be the perfect […]

Legal Separation vs. Divorce in California

When you’re feeling ready to move on with your life, but there may be a sliver of a chance your marriage might work, what are your options? Fortunately, if you’re not ready to take the leap into divorce right away, you can still take a break from your spouse by taking advantage of legal separation […]

Understanding Types of Restraining Orders & Protective Orders in California

You’re at the point now where you’re feeling fearful about someone in your life coming near you. You started to notice some red flags in their behavior develop a few months ago, and you likely requested this individual stay away for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, they didn’t listen and they’re still not listening now. Now […]

How Virtual Legal Help Works for Family Law

The process of filing for divorce and working through family disputes in your local family law court looks a little different these days than it did several months ago. Fortunately, COVID-19 doesn’t have to put your family law issue on hold, especially if you are seeking immediate help with restraining orders or other emergency orders […]

What You Need to Know About Long-Distance Parenting Plans

You and your spouse are calling it quits, and unfortunately, your children are in the middle of it all. To make matters even more complicated, one of you will be moving away, which means your children can’t easily see you both from one week to the next. What now? Specifically, how can the parent who […]


You and your significant other have decided to break up, and you realize that this life change will no doubt take a toll on you emotionally. However, you’re especially concerned about how California custody laws for unmarried parents will impact the child you share with your future ex. Who exactly will gain custody of your […]

Managing Your First Holiday Season After Divorce

The divorce is now officially finalized, and you breathe a sigh of relief. You are free from your marriage. You’re preparing for a new lifestyle where your kids may or may not be with you as often. However, the holidays are around the corner. Contemplating the first holidays after divorce can be a cause of […]
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Deferred home sale -San Diego Divorce Lawyer (858) 922-7098

As you go through the process of divorce, you can’t help but wonder what will happen to your beloved home. Should you try to stay in it with the children for a while after your divorce, or should you give it up immediately as part of the divorce proceeding? In other words, should you sell […]
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San Diego Divorce Lawyer – Does California Require Equal Property Distribution?

California is what is known as a “community property” state.  In a divorce case, the community property will be divided equally between the spouses.  Community property is defined as property which is acquired “by the community” during marriage—commonly the wages you and your spouse earn during marriage.  This divorce law definition, as in most areas […]

Does California Require Equal Property Distribution

  Marital Property & Equal Distribution Laws in California California is what is known as a “community property” state. In a divorce case, the community property—also known as marital property—will be divided equally between the spouses. Community property is defined as property that is acquired “by the community” during marriage—commonly the wages you and your […]