Domestic Violence: You Are Not Alone

Domestic violence is a disturbingly common problem within many marriages and relationships. In the United States alone, approximately twenty people are abused by their partners every minute.

When the term “domestic violence” is invoked, overt abuse, including harmful touching and the destruction of property, typically come to mind.

However, domestic abuse can also be more subtle, such as when a controlling partner attempts to restrict your communication, limits your use of vehicles, or keeps an uncomfortably close tab on your schedule.

Victims of domestic violence need to know there is help available to them. In San Diego, an experienced domestic violence attorney can be a valuable resource when trying to escape an unsafe relationship.

Leaving an Abusive Relationship

There are many reasons why victims of domestic violence stay within destructive relationships: Fear of financial destabilization, physical abuse, holding out hope for a permanent change in the abuser’s behaviors, and embarrassment are just a few factors commonly cited as to why victims choose not to leave violent partners.

However, countless survivors of domestic abuse have shared their stories about how walking away from an abusive relationship was the best move they ever made.

As a San Diego-based attorney who is well-versed in domestic violence cases, I can educate you on the various legal protections offered to victims of abuse.

Domestic Violence Legal Help

Whether you are seeking assistance in exiting an abusive relationship or are in need of domestic violence defense, my years of family law experience will work to benefit you.

You don’t have to face a domestic violence case alone. As a hardworking and knowledgeable San Diego domestic violence attorney, I look forward to helping resolve your legal situation. To request a free consultation, leave your information on this contact form.