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Restraining Orders

Emergency Protective Orders: Should They Be Served in Public?

Emergency Protective Orders: Should They Be Served in Public?

In cases of domestic violence, child abuse, and abduction, emergency protective orders (EPO) serve as critical tools in addressing immediate threats. However, a recent incident at the 4S Commons Town Center has ignited a debate on whether to serve them in public spaces. San Diego Police Sergeant Anthony Elliott was tragically shot in the head […]
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How To Get a Restraining Order: Protection from Civil Harassment

Unrelenting civil harassment can leave individuals feeling vulnerable, anxious, and threatened. Without a sense of security, no place feels safe. That includes your job, your home, or any public space. Lack of freedom directly affects emotional well-being, and that is unacceptable. To protect yourself against unwanted attention from strangers, get a restraining order. This legal […]

Domestic Violence: More Than Just Physical Assault

When people hear the term “domestic violence,” they often think of one spouse physically assaulting the other.  This is also often associated with a dominating relationship in which a spouse is afraid to leave for fear of future domestic violence. Hire San Diego Divorce Lawyer  for Consultation for handling cases and providing quality services related […]

Accused Of Domestic Violence During Divorce Case?

Domestic violence is a serious issue, and cannot be excused.  But if you find yourself accused of committing domestic violence, this can have a negative effect on your divorce, and in some cases, you can be prosecuted and punished in criminal court.Hire San Diego Family Court Services Attorney for  handling cases and providing quality services related to […]

Divorce & Restraining Orders in Family Law

Divorce can be messy. In fact, the process can be so messy that it requires one party to seek a family law restraining order. By working with a reputable divorce and order of protection lawyer in San Diego, you can fight for your future and protect yourself. Whether you want to know how to get […]