Juris Doctor

As a native of San Diego, I am passionate attorney practicing family law, criminal defense, and trusts and estates in “America’s Finest City”.

I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at the University of California at Los Angeles in 1998. I then went on to earn my Juris Doctor degree at the University of San Diego School of law.

Since then, I’ve worked as a trial attorney for nearly 20 years. In my current sole practitioner role, I practice in more than one related yet distinct law area: family law, criminal defense, and trusts and estates.

Family Law

Family Law is the area of the law covers those who are interested in getting a divorce or seeking legal separation. For those getting a divorce in California, I will guide you through the process of dealing with issues such as child support, child custody, spousal support, and property division.

Criminal defense

When a person is investigate or arrested for a crime, it is essential to obtain legal representation as soon as possible. I can take the steps necessary to prevent charges from being filed and if they are, to get the best possible result for you. As a former prosecutor, I know the system inside and out.

Trusts and Estates

Estate law deals with probate, trusts, and wills. I am experienced in helping people to plan their estates or navigate the distribution of a deceased loved one’s property.

The Michael C. MacNeil Difference

The majority of attorneys concentrate on just one area of law in their practices. As a result, their clients must go to multiple attorneys for help with various aspects of the law.

If your legal matters overlap the areas of family law, criminal defense, and trusts and estates, you don’t need multiple lawyers. I can meet all of your needs.

A Customer-Centric Attorney

I am committed to offering my clients professional and personalized services at reasonable fees when they are in need of a family, criminal, or trust and estate solution in California. Some lawyers focus on taking advantage of their clients to boost their fees. While I enjoy the process of litigating cases through trial, I always advises clients to pursue settlements instead, as this is often in their best interest financially.

I’m also committed to providing convenient services. For Californians interested in divorce or other family law matter, criminal matter, or trust and estate matter, I can meet you at your home, at your workplace, or in the office setting.

Praise for Michael C. MacNeil

Over the years, my clients and colleagues have recognized me for not just top-notch legal skills, but, as importantly, for my strong focus on customer service. Former clients have thanked me for being straightforward and professional when handling their cases.

I focus on communicating well with clients and putting their needs first. I will answer all your questions, including going deeper into what family law is.

For a free consultation, contact me today regarding getting a divorce, defending your rights in a criminal matter, or your trust/estate matter in California. With his help, you can be well on your way to resolving your divorce issues, protecting your liberty, or meeting your estate planning needs as quickly and efficiently as possible in San Diego.