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If a felony charge has been filed against you in California, this can have life-changing consequences. Most felony convictions in California do not lead to the death penalty, but even less strict sentences like probation, parole, and prison terms can be devastating long term. I, felony lawyer Michael C. MacNeil, understand this, and I also realize that time is of the essence in a felony case. As a result, I am eager and ready to fight for you to help you to avoid a conviction in the Golden State.

How a Felony Lawyer Can Help You to Address Various Types of Felonies in California

Per California law, two categories of felonies exist in the state: straight felonies and wobblers. A straight felony is a type of crime that immediately has to be classified as a felony. An example is murder, firearm theft, rape, or transporting/selling a drug. A wobbler is a felony that may be reduced to a misdemeanor with the help of a felony attorney. Examples of these types of crimes include petty theft, assault, and possessing a drug.

Consequences of California Felonies

Felonies are typically punished through imprisonment, with three types of prison terms being possible: low (two years), middle (four years), and high (six years).

As a rule of thumb, felony offenders in California get the middle prison term. Offenders generally aren’t sentenced to high terms unless their crimes involve aggravating factors, such as extreme violence or weapon use. In addition, the low term is reserved for offenders whose participation in their crimes was minimal.

Note that punishments for California felonies can also include fines. If a fine amount is not spelled out in the California statute defining a given crime, a judge may end up imposing a fine that is no higher than $10,000. This fine may be in place of time behind bars, or it might be imposed in tandem with a jail/prison sentence.


When Could Misdemeanor Charges Be Elevated to Felony Charges?

If you currently face a misdemeanor charge in San Diego, for example, this charge may become a felony if you have prior convictions, or if your case details are inflammatory. For instance, your petty theft misdemeanor could turn into a felony if you inadvertently injured someone while committing the theft. 

In this situation, you may find yourself spending multiple years behind state prison bars. In addition, you may not be able to get your criminal conviction expunged. The felony will also count toward your three strikes per the state’s Three Strikes Law, which states that you must face between 25 years and life in prison without parole if you get three strikes. 

Why Hire a Felony Lawyer When Facing a Felony in California?

felony lawyer can search for evidence to prove your innocence in court. However, they can also help you to answer a number of specific questions that are critical to your case. These questions include the following:

  • Is your felony charge correct, or are you being overcharged?
  • Can you lower your bond?
  • Is the prosecution’s plea offer a fair one, or should you keep negotiating to secure a better one?
  • Is it in your best interest to proceed to trial?
  • What can you expect in the way of sentencing (e.g., prison, community corrections, probation)?

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