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As you go through the divorce process, the fear of losing your family home, among other assets, is real and understandable. One of your biggest worries may revolve around how your relationship, and your time, with your children may change. If you and your ex-spouse are struggling to find even ground for your child custody arrangements in San Diego, it may be time to reach out to a child custody attorney who can help.

Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate your child custody case alone. As a child custody lawyer practicing in San Diego, I am passionate about representing you in court or outside of court to achieve the very best outcome possible for both you and your family.

How Custody Is Determined Through Mediation

In the state of California, before the court determines how much child custody you and your future ex-spouse will receive, you must take part in mediation. The court typically appoints a person to serve as the mediator—a neutral third party who will work with you and the other parent to achieve a mutually satisfactory resolution regarding child custody.

Family mediation like this can help resolve issues with parenting plans, child support, communication, spousal support, and property matters. Having a private attorney work as your mediator and as your child custody lawyer can help keep your family’s best interests intact.

Your mediator’s job is to gather input from both you and your former spouse regarding your desired parenting schedules. The mediator will also ask you to provide facts that support your child custody wishes, including a clear history of how your children were cared for in the past. You can expect to undergo an interview with the other party, rather than separately, as this will help with determining areas of disagreement and agreement.

If you and your former spouse cannot come to an agreement on how to approach child custody and your parenting schedule, then a judge will make this determination for you. As one of the leading child custody lawyers in San Diego, I know how to fight aggressively for you, and your child’s interests.

How Moving Impacts Child Custody

If you end up deciding to move away after a child custody order has been made, you must seek court permission to alter your custody timeshare. This is because the court requires that the other party be given the opportunity to share his or her position on the move. However, if you are moving locally within San Diego—to another home in the same city or county, for example—you can do this without court permission. You’ll still have to abide by the San Diego court’s child custody order in your new location.

The Most Important Consideration During a Child Custody Case

Any reputable child custody lawyer would tell you that the San Diego court’s main responsibility when addressing child custody is to create an order that reflects the children’s best interests. As a result, if a child is 14, he or she may be permitted to voice his or her preferences to the family law judge. This may be done in the courtroom, or the judge may prefer to speak with the child privately in the court chambers.

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