Carlsbad Lawyer: Family Law in California

Father with his two kids outside Are you struggling with a legal matter that is taking a toll on your emotions and finances? Or, are you battling a criminal allegation that has brought your life to a screeching halt? Find legal solutions for your family’s needs in Carlsbad, California.

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Navigating Family Law Issues and Disputes in Southern California

You and your spouse have decided to get divorced, but you can’t agree on how to handle child custody matters. For instance, with whom should your children live, and how will you handle visitation and holidays?

As an established family law attorney serving Carlsbad, CA, I can help you to negotiate these matters outside of court, and if necessary, I’m prepared to litigate these matters in court as well.

In addition, as a estate planning attorney in Carlsbad, I can help you to create a will, trust, and other important estate planning documents that reflect your wishes in the event of your death.

I also offer legal representation and assistance to those dealing with adoption-related issues in California, ranging from parental rights to stepparent adoption.

Getting Legal Help with Criminal Charges in California

Instead of facing a family law issue, you might be dealing with a criminal law issue, such as being charged with a Second Amendment violation. You’re afraid of the consequences of this charge, as you feel that you don’t know enough to take appropriate action. As your local Carlsbad lawyer, I’ll work with you from start to finish on your case to ensure the best course of action for your situation is followed.

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