Why Is Divorce So Expensive?

San Diego Divorce Lawyer – Why is divorce so expensive?

You may have heard the question answered sarcastically, “Because it’s worth it.”  There is a grain of truth in that, but it is hard to deny the fact that divorce is unnecessarily expensive.Hire San Diego Family Court Services Attorney for  handling cases and providing quality services related to divorce or child custody.

Undoubtedly, divorce lawyers are expensive to begin with, charging hundreds of dollars an hour, and billing many hours.  This alone is not why divorce is expensive.  Much of what a lawyer will do for a divorce client involves tasks which the average person is ill-equipped to do alone.

 San Diego Family Court Services Attorney

Further, the parties in a divorce, or any litigation for that matter, usually lack the perspective to make the best choices for themselves.  The objective advice a divorce attorney can provide you can prevent you from making a serious mistake in judgment.

San Diego Family Court Services Attorney

Too many attorneys for threatening cases see their clients as a well of money they can use to line their pockets.  In divorce cases, there are numerous ways attorneys can bill hours which drive up the cost of the divorce, but accomplish relatively little.

Whenever a court appearance is set, the attorney bills for the time spent reviewing documents and information provided by the client, preparing the moving papers, and appearing in court.  Many issues can be settled informally by attorneys who dare to simply pick up the phone and discuss an issue with opposing counsel.

The word “negotiate” is often foreign to unscrupulous divorce attorneys.  To them, negotiating a settlement ends their gravy train.  If there are issues in dispute, informal attempts to resolve them should take place before they are litigated in court.  Ultimately, if good faith attempts to resolve issues fail, you will be well served to have an experienced litigator go to bat for you in court.  But this should not be the first resort.

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Generally, the faster a divorce case ends, the better it will be for both parties.  Seldom does dragging out a case result in a substantially better result for either side than settling it quickly—that is, of course, except for the attorneys who collect fees throughout the duration of the case.

If you are facing divorce, you need an attorney who is looking out for your interests, not his or her own.  Please call attorney Michael C. MacNeil to schedule a free consultation.

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