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Going through the divorce process or legal separation in California can be a frustrating and overwhelming endeavor. After all, this event impacts your children as well as your finances. In many cases, it is time consuming and costly.

It doesn’t have to be that way. As a California family law attorney, I am committed to representing you with dedication and integrity. My goal is to get you through your court cases or settlements so you can focus on putting your life back together.

Whether you are able to settle your family law matter in San Diego or you take it to trial, I am prepared to fight for you. To me, protecting your rights is of the utmost importance. 

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Family Law Services at the offices of Michael C. MacNeil


If you have minor children while you are going through a divorce or legal separation in California, you and your children’s other parent may be able to come to an agreement on your child custody matters through mediation.

I will strive to help you to reach a family law settlement in San Diego that is both personally beneficial and considers your family’s best interests. We will work together to determine what is best for you and your children: joint custody, sole custody, visitation rights, or another of the many options for separated parents.

And, if your former spouse refuses to settle, I will put to work the trial skills I have honed litigating as both a family law attorney and a former deputy district attorney.


Perhaps you are getting divorced and will have custody of your child. Meanwhile, your future ex will be responsible for paying child support. In this situation, you may be worried about not receiving the payments due to you. We will determine the various factors that a court in California will consider when calculating your support amount. And I’ll assist you in filing a support petition and requesting an order for child support. 

If you’re confident that your future co-parent will be reliable but want the peace-of-mind of a legally enforceable family law agreement in San Diego and other jurisdictions, I’m here for you. I’ll guide you through creating an out-of-court child support agreement that meets your child’s needs while also complying with state child support guidelines.


Maybe you’re dealing with uncertainties pertaining to paternity while going through the tumultuous process of divorce, and you’re wondering how this will impact your family law proceeding in San Diego. Or, you’ve married into a family and are seeking ways to adopt your new step-children.

Learn what your obligations and rights are in a divorce proceeding. I’ll help you through the process of seeking a paternity order or adopting your new family as your own. 

This is critical, as the results affect divorce matters such as child custody and visitation, as well as child support.




In Family Law Cases

As a deputy district attorney, I prosecuted cases involving domestic violence. That means I understand the ins and outs of these types of cases in ways that ordinary family law attorneys do not. 

Not only can domestic violence have consequences in family court, they can also carry with them criminal consequences which are even more

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serious. I am prepared to fight for your best interests, whether somebody is pursuing a restraining order against you or you’re pursuing an order against another individual.

My extensive courtroom experience is especially helpful if you are accused of violating a child support or child custody order.

 I can make sure your rights are protected during your family law proceeding in San Diego.

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Are you going through a divorce while your spouse is in the military? Military divorce is my specialty, and a consultation is all it takes to begin the process of navigating this type of family law proceeding with confidence in San Diego.

The Uniformed Service Former Spouse Protection Act will impact the amount of military benefits you’ll receive as part of the divorce. Divorce while in the military presents special challenges that civilian spouses don’t face. Fortunately, I understand how to address these challenges, and as I do so, I’ll make sure that your rights are protected every step of the way.


Worried about how your property will be divided during your divorce? Don’t worry—I’ll make sure that you get your fair share of assets during your family law proceeding in San Diego.

According to California family law, the assets of a divorcing couple must be split 50/50, or down the middle. However, separate property is not subject to asset distribution, I can help you to pursue a settlement agreement that will protect your best interests, and I’ll also be prepared to litigate property division at trial if this will give you the best result.

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