Military Divorce

When you or your spouse are in the military, divorce can be a confusing process.

Divorce in a military city like San Diego is relatively common among families that have moved a few times in as many years. As a leading military divorce lawyer, I offer free consultations to service members stationed in the area.

Where Do Military Personnel Get Divorced?

If you are one of the 95,000 military personnel in and around San Diego planning to get divorced, where exactly should you go for your divorce issues—like property division and child custody—to be judicially determined?

It is probably not the nearest courthouse.

To get an answer, all you have to do is tell me how long both you and your spouse have resided in the Golden State, and specifically in the area of San Diego County. I can then point you in the right direction for your divorce filing.

How I Can Help

A military divorce differs from its civilian counterpart in ways ordinary divorce lawyers may not realize. For instance, the Uniformed Service Former Spouse Protection Act specifically dictates how military benefits will be calculated and divided.

Because a military divorce can be complicated, personnel stationed in and around San Diego should contact me for a free consultation now to find out how I can protect your unique rights as a military spouse or military member. A military divorce lawyer is especially important if your divorce case involves assets of high value or the custody of minor children.