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Michael C. MacNeil

Whether you’re going through a divorce or you need help planning your estate, there’s no cookie-cutter way of tackling your issue effectively. That’s because each case is distinct; there’s no such thing as a magic formula for calculating how a particular event has impacted you personally, or your family.

At the Law Office of Michael C. MacNeil, I understand this quite well, as I have worked for a wide variety of clients. As a divorce attorney in San Diego specializing in child custody, restraining orders, criminal law, and conservatorships, I am ready to provide you with the personalized attention and services that your unique case deserves.


Most divorce cases take too long and cost too much. There are numerous ways attorneys can extend a case and increase the fees they charge their clients. You can trust that as your divorce attorney in San Diego, I will always act in your best interest and communicate transparently about your case from the start, to finish, and beyond. Learn More


Your child custody matter will be decided by a judge if you and the other parent cannot agree. As required, the judge will take into consideration a mediation report written either by Family Court Services or a private mediator. Get Help Today


Whether in the scope of your divorce trial proceedings or as a completely separate legal matter, as a criminal attorney in San Diego, I can help you with restraining orders, domestic abuse, civil harassment, and second amendment violations. Call Today for Help

Common questions

Can I Receive Legal Services Remotely?

Yes. I have systems in place to seamlessly handle your legal needs remotely, so I don’t have to be in the office to receive a call from you, consult with you, or move forward with tackling your legal matter. I understand that when you are facing a pressing legal issue, like a divorce matter, criminal charge, or estate planning issue, you need legal help right away. You don’t have time to wait for someone to be in the office to finally respond to your call. That’s why I am here to support you virtually from any location in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. Call me today to get started.

What Is the Cost of Divorce in California?

In most cases, divorce in California ranges from more than $5,000 to nearly $40,000. These varied costs depend on a number of factors, as no two divorce situations are alike.

On average, the cost of divorce in California is about $17,500. Note that divorce proceedings involving children tend to be the most expensive to conclude.

How Long Will My Divorce Take?

Sadly, in California, family law courts’ calendars are quite full. For this reason, the process of divorce usually lasts between eight and 20 months, with 15 months being the average. Unscrupulous lawyers take advantage of this by adding unnecessary billable hours to increase the cost of your divorce.

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The Michael C. MacNeil Difference

Unlike other San Diego family law attorneys who purposefully extend cases to increase clients’ fees, I work hard to speed up the divorce process by pushing your opposing counsel and the court to move quickly.


Because I know, first-hand, how important it is to push past the stresses of a courtroom so you can get on with your life. Circumstances are tough enough without having to worry about mounting legal bills.

I also differ from other divorce attorneys in San Diego because my goal is to simplify your divorce process, legal separation, or child custody situation so that you can more quickly move forward with your life. My goal is to help you get your life back on track.

If you’re dealing with restraining order issues or need to create a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement to protect yourself financially long term, I can ensure your rights are protected.

Family Law Services

I offer a wide range of services in the family law area, including complex divorce litigation or even uncontested divorce matters.

For instance, I can help you navigate the complex areas of spousal support and child support. Note that the court calculates both types of support based on a state formula. The factors used to determine how much you will receive or pay in support are both parties’ incomes and how many children you have, for example.

I will push for the most personally favorable support amounts for you and your children.

Estate Law Services

As one of San Diego’s leading family law attorneys, I additionally possess extensive experience with setting up estate plans, guiding individuals through probate administration, and creating conservatorships based on your and your family members’ unique needs. Court rulings and regulations specific to San Diego can impact how your attorney can split up your assets either through divorce or inheritance.

With my help, you can confidently dictate what happens to your assets when you pass away, what happens to you medically and financially if you experience incapacitation, and who will care for an incapacitated loved one.

Why the Law Office of Michael C. MacNeil?

I am extremely dedicated to representing you aggressively—your best interests come first. I also take pride in operating with a high level of integrity, ethics, and professionalism in every case.

When you hire me as a divorce attorney in San Diego or as your criminal law attorney in San Diego, I will monitor local and regional family law settlements, new estate planning laws, and criminal law developments to help you to make the most informed decisions possible in your particular situation.

When you leave my office, you can feel confident that your best interests are protected from start to finish.

Contact me today to learn more about how I can help you to successfully navigate even the most complicated family law, estate law, or criminal law situations.