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Facing a gun charge can be both scary and frustrating in California, especially when the charge against you seems exaggerated. Gun possession charges in California could destroy your freedom as well as your future by tarnishing your criminal record, particularly if it results in a felon status.

I, attorney Michael C. MacNeil, am an experienced gun charges lawyer who can defend you against a wide range of gun possession charges in California. These charges include unlawfully possessing a firearm, unlawfully selling a firearm, illegally transporting firearms, or even illegally possessing a regulated firearm.

What You Need to Know About Gun Charges in California

Even if you’re a law-abiding citizen, you may find yourself facing incarceration because you carried or owned a gun while protecting your Second Amendment right to protect yourself against criminals.

Unlike the majority of other states, the state of California doesn’t have a state constitution provision that clearly guarantees your right as an individual to bear and keep arms. Likewise, the federal government has the authority to regulate or limit this right in certain circumstances. If you don’t have a gun charges lawyer fighting for you, your prosecuting attorney and the courts in general can easily trample over you and deprive you of your personal freedom.

Assertive Second Amendment Violation Legal Representation

If you’re facing gun charges, it’s in your best interest to connect with a savvy gun charges lawyer right away. You may be confronted with unfair charges, and these charges may lead to lengthy prison sentences just because you tried to exercise your Second Amendment right.

A dependable gun charges lawyer will stand by you and work vigorously to explore all possible defenses available. The goal? To secure for you the most personally favorable outcome possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Related to Second Amendment Violations

California’s strict weapons laws can no doubt be complex to navigate. Review a few of the most common questions and answers about criminal defense law and gun charges to learn more.

What Penalties Could I Face for Gun Charges in California?

A gun charge filed against you in California may be a felony or a misdemeanor depending on your unique case. It’s all based on the type of gun involved, your intent with your weapon, and whether you have any prior offenses on your record.

If you end up being convicted of a misdemeanor, you may face up to one year in a county jail. You might also be fined $1,000 or less. If you are charged with a felony, you may be subject to one year to 20 years in prison.

Contact an attorney right away to protect your rights and best interests if facing a weapons charge.

What Defenses Can I Use Against Gun Charges in California?

Every gun charge scenario offers opportunities for unique defenses by a gun charges lawyer. However, a few core defenses exist for cases involving carrying or possessing firearms. For instance, if you are riding with other people in a car and police stop your vehicle and discover a gun, you can establish that the weapon belonged to one of the other parties. Likewise, you could assert that you had no knowledge of the presence of the gun in the car.

Also, if police illegally search the car and seize the gun, you could get this gun evidence excluded with the help of an attorney. An attorney can determine the best defense for your situation given the circumstances surrounding it.

Seek Second Amendment Violation Help from Attorney Michael C. MacNeil Today

If you need a gun rights attorney in California who’s not afraid to fight for you, I encourage you to reach out to me. As your gun charges lawyer, I will help you to navigate California’s potentially confusing firearm laws and defend your U.S. Constitution–guaranteed rights. That’s because I possess the combination of extensive legal experience and a passion to fully protect my clients’ interests.

Get in touch with me for a free evaluation. As an experienced trial lawyer and gun rights attorney in California, I’ll listen to you from day one, and we can quickly get started on the path to protecting your rights and your liberty long term.

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