Domestic Violence

Hands in handcuffs

During an altercation with your significant other, police were called to your home, and you were hauled off in handcuffs. Now what? What rights do you have? How can you protect your best interests in a situation that has seemingly gotten out of hand?

I, attorney Michael C. MacNeil, am an experienced domestic violence lawyer in San Diego who is passionate about making sure that your rights are protected following a dispute involving household members. I will listen to your side of the story so that I can present your best and strongest defense possible.

A Glimpse at Domestic Violence Charges in California

Disturbance calls that report domestic violence may often result in police making arrests when they respond to these calls. For instance, if authorities spot marks on someone, somebody will probably be sent to jail. This is true even if no physical contact occurred, you may be arrested if they find what they feel are indicators of physical threats made.

For this reason, a charge of domestic violence is relatively common in California. Fortunately, a domestic violence lawyer in San Diego can help you to fight such a charge when and if it escalates to trial.

Aggressive Domestic Violence Legal Representation in California

If you have been arrested on a domestic violence charge, this can have a negative impact on your life in a number of ways. For instance, you may be issued a restraining order that will prevent you from going back home. And if you end up being convicted for this type of crime, you could lose your ability to own firearms, lose your job, and even lose when it comes to child custody situations.

It is paramount that you seek the help of a domestic violence lawyer in San Diego when facing domestic violence charges. An attorney can help to make sure that your rights and best interests are protected from start to finish.

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