What Does ‘Personalized Service’ Mean?

Most people have never had to hire an attorney, for divorce or anything else.  But when you do, you should hire an attorney who is 100% dedicated to serving you, the client.  You may have heard the term “team of attorneys” or “army of lawyers.” Hire Divorce Lawyer In San Diego for  handling cases and providing quality services related to divorce or child custody.

Those may be helpful in massive litigation, but in family law matters, including divorce, you need an attorney who is responsive to your needs and desires.And you need an attorney who is directly responsive to you.  Attorney Michael C. MacNeil will not delegate your case to an inexperienced associate.

Divorce Lawyer In San Diego

He will personally handle all aspects of your case from start to finish.  Your case strategy will be personalized to your particular needs.  Some firms will file all the same motions and hire all the same experts for every case and charge all the same inflated fees, regardless of the specific requirements of your trial case.

Mr. MacNeil will tailor the approach on your case with an eye towards efficiently achieving a result you will be satisfied with rather than handling your case the same as every other client. Mr. MacNeil will respond promptly to all your communications.  If Mr. MacNeil is occupied on another client’s matter, he will inform you when he will be able to give your case his full attention.

Divorce Lawyer In San Diego

You will always know what is going on with your case.  He will explain your options so that you may have a basis upon which to make the decision on your case which is right for you.  The most expensive option will not be the default option at The Law Office Of Michael C. MacNeil.

And make no mistake about it, efficiently handling your case does not mean settling in on disadvantageous terms just to get your case done quickly.  Mr. MacNeil is a seasoned litigator, having tried 50 jury trials.  If push comes to shove and your case cannot be settled, you will have a tough as nails trial attorney on your side to fight for what is right for you.

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For a personalized family law attorney dedicated to your needs, contact attorney Michael C. MacNeil.

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