Assault and Battery Defense in California

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If you have been charged with assault or battery in California, you probably have many questions. You may not have intended the assault, or did not realize it had escalated into battery.

Assault and battery are two different crimes. The main difference is assault is an incomplete action and battery is a completed one.

Both assault and battery can be misdemeanors or felonies, at the discretion of the prosecutor.

If you or a loved one is facing charges of assault or battery, or you want to file such charges, I, lawyer Michael MacNeil, am here to help.

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As an experienced criminal defense lawyer in California, I know the laws and, more importantly, the unwritten rules about assault and battery charge defense. I will work with you to get your charges reduced and dismissed if possible.

Defense for Assault and Battery Misdemeanor

Charges in California

If the assault or battery did not cause any physical injury, most likely you will face a misdemeanor charge.

Misdemeanor assault and battery charges in California carry a maximum of 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000 if convicted. Aggravated misdemeanors can mean up to a year in jail and a fine of over $1,000.

The main problem is that these are considered violent crimes, and will show up on your record as such. This can have long-lasting effects, such as when applying for jobs in the future.

I am experienced in dealing with prosecutors and the courts in misdemeanor cases. Assault or battery charges mean you need a California lawyer who will provide you the best defense and answer all your questions.

If you have already been convicted of a misdemeanor, it may be possible to get your charge expunged from your record.

Defense for California Felony Assault and Battery Charges

California is very serious about felony assault and battery. If you threaten someone with a deadly weapon, even if they are not hurt, you may be charged with felony assault. If you injure someone seriously, that can be a felony-level battery charge.

Felony assault or battery also counts as a strike in California’s Three-Strike system. This means if you are charged with a third felony, you will be sentenced to between 25 years to life without parole.

Many possible defenses under California law exist for assault and battery, but you need a lawyer that has many trials and settlements under his belt. Contact my office at (858) 922-7098 or use the online form for a free consultation.


They are considered violent crimes and will remain on your record for life. I will work to get your charges reduced or dropped, or expunged if you already have been convicted.

Yes. I also specialize in juvenile law. The juvenile law system in California is complicated and very difficult to navigate by yourself. I, Michael MacNeil, will represent your child and fight for the case to remain in juvenile court, which gives them the best advantage.

For the best defense lawyer for assault and battery charges in California, call our office at (858) 922-7098. You can also contact me online. The sooner we start working together, the sooner you can have the most positive outcome for your case.

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