High Conflict Divorce? No Problem.

Some attorneys want well-to-do clients seeking an amicable divorce so they can charge them high fees and not have to do any difficult work.  Other attorneys take a couple seeking an amicable split and invent controversy so they can drag the case on for years and charge them high fees.Hire San Diego Divorce Lawyer Free Consultation for  handling cases and providing quality services related to divorce or child custody.

San Diego Divorce Lawyer Free Consultation

And then there are some cases where the parties to the divorce are anything but amicable.  And they aren’t necessarily the Rockefellers.  Some of these cases involve such hot button issues as domestic violence, child abuse—and false charges of those, child abduction, violation of court orders.  The list goes on and on.

Also in some cases, one party is suspected of hiding assets or falsely representing the value of assets.  Violation of a spouse’s fiduciary duty can also throw a major wrench into a divorce case.

San Diego Divorce Lawyer Free Consultation

What to do in cases like this?  Be sure you have an attorney who will fight hard for you.  A tough as nails proven trial attorney.  Someone who is not rattled if a case doesn’t go smoothly.  You may be nervous and upset, but your attorney should not be.

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Don’t let an unscrupulous spouse push you around.  Contact The Law Office Of Michael C. MacNeil to hire a junkyard dog to protect your interests while charging a reasonable fee and avoiding overbilling.

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