Delays In Your Divorce Case: How Your Attorney Can Limit Them

The longer your family law case lasts, the more it will cost.  Divorce is not a process which gets better as it ages.  The goal should be to determine which areas of your divorce case are the most contentious, and which are the areas where agreement can more easily be reached. Hire Affordable Family Law Attorney San Diego for  handling cases and providing quality services related to divorce or child custody.

Unfortunately, the court system is not built for speed, so some delay in the proceedings is inevitable.  But your family law attorney can affect the duration of your case.What kinds of things can delay your case?  The likeliest culprit is a difficult spouse.  If you couldn’t agree to remain married, it’s probable that you won’t be able to agree on your divorce.

Affordable Family Law Attorney San Diego

If you have a child custody dispute, you will have to undergo child custody mediation.  That takes time.  If you disagree with the mediator’s conclusion, you will need a court hearing, and that will add time to your divorce case.

If your spouse changes attorneys, that will delay your case.  The court will allow the new attorney some time to get up to speed on the case.  If your attorney was in negotiations with a prior attorney, all that time is essentially wasted because negotiations must begin anew with the new attorney.

While it is not possible to prevent your spouse from hiring a new divorce attorney, thus delaying your case, your attorney should be working to reach agreement quickly, reducing the desire of the other party to change representation.

Affordable Family Law Attorney San Diego

If you have a complicated case, it will simply take longer.  If you and/or your spouse own businesses or multiple properties, have commingled separate property and community property assets, have multiple retirement plans…you name it.  If you have more of anything, your case will take longer.

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The point is that some things are not capable of being controlled.  On the other hand, if you hire an attorney who works hard to conclude your divorce case, your case is more likely to be completed sooner.  Your attorney should not perform unnecessary tasks in order to prolong the case and cost you more money.  Contact attorney Michael C. MacNeil to help you get through your case expeditiously for a reasonable fee.

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