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When hiring a San Diego lawyer, it is important to weigh your options. Considering hiring a lawyer can be stressful in itself. Is the cost justified? Do you really need a lawyer’s services in your situation? There are many questions that must be answered before choosing and retaining a lawyer for his or her services. Hire San Diego Trust Attorney for  handling cases and providing quality services related to divorce or child custody.

San Diego Trust Attorney

1. Are you comfortable representing yourself?

Many times when dealing with legal matters you may find yourself ‘in over your head.’ It’s understandable – it’s not common for people to understand the inner workings of the court system in San Diego, family law in San Diego, or estate planning in San Diego. Hiring a lawyer ensures that you don’t prolong your process because of technicalities you may not know about.

2.Is jail time on the table?

This can be most the concerning for either party. Whether dealing with a contempt of court hearing in San Diego, divorce in San Diego, a child custody battle in San Diego, or a number of other legal matters, it is important to have a trusted San Diego attorney on your side to expertly explain to you your rights and execute a plan of action.

3. Does the other party have a lawyer?

If you are immersed in a legal battle and your opponent has obtained legal counsel, your best plan of action is to lawyer up as well. It can come as a great disadvantage to stand against someone who has hired an attorney while you are standing alone. In all matters of San Diego estate planning and San Diego family law, the Law Offices of Michael C. MacNeil will be there to advise you in the most appropriate line of defense.

San Diego Trust Attorney

There are many reasons to hire a lawyer and I am happy to discuss these issues with you at your home, office, or any other setting of your choosing. By visiting our FAQ page you will find a list of legal matters and questions that give a brief overview of our services and expertise.

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In dealing with a complicated divorce in San Diego, adopting a child, extensive estate planning, or in the event that any sort of contract is needed, contact me today. I have been putting families on a path to a brighter tomorrow for more than 15 years, and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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Michael C. MacNeil is a San Diego Family Law and Criminal Defense attorney. With a Juris Doctor degree from the University of San Diego School of Law, MacNeil has a solid understanding of our justice system. As a member of the State Bar of California, MacNeal can practice before all courts in the state. MacNeil believes that the law should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial status. With over 20 years of experience, Michael C. MacNeil is passionate about the law and will work tirelessly to get the best possible outcome for you. Call Mr. MacNeil at 858-922-7098.