The Benefits Of A Trust Versus A Will

You may have seen or heard an advertisement for a will that you can do without an estate planning attorney.  And for a fraction of the cost.  Sounds great, right?  You will regret having only a will you did yourself if any of the following things happen.Hire Wills And Trust Attorney San Diego for  handling cases and providing quality services related to divorce or child custody.

First, you will regret only having a will when you lose the mental capacity to manage your financial affairs.  You will not be able to revoke your will, nor will you be able to establish a trust.

Wills And Trust Attorney San Diego

You will not be able to appoint someone to manage your finances.  Your family will have to establish a conservatorship, most likely with the aid of an attorney, and your affairs will be monitored by the court at the expense of your family.

Wills And Trust Attorney San Diego

Second, you will regret only having a will, instead of an estate plan which incorporates an advance health care directive, when you lose the capacity to care for your own health.

Someone else will decide what treatment you receive.  Someone else will decide whether you live or die.  Someone else will even decide what becomes of your remains.  All of these decisions can be made by you, while you are of sound mind, and memorialized in a trust, to be executed according to your wishes at a time of your choosing help for threatening  cases.

And finally, you will regret having only a will as soon as you die.  More specifically, your family will.  Your family will have to take your will to probate court, which will most likely involve paying an attorney an hourly rate to make sure it is done properly.  In trust administrations, you can avoid court for the most part.  Your will will be available publicly, whereas a trust will not.

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There are additional benefits of a trust, depending upon your personal circumstances.  Contact The Law Office Of Michael C. MacNeil for a free consultation.

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