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Deferred home sale -San Diego Divorce Lawyer (858) 922-7098

Deferred home sale of family residence- San Diego Divorce Lawyer In a divorce case in California, parties with small children are often faced with having to downsize from the family home.  Due to new post-divorce economic realities, the family home is often sold.  The court retains the power, however, to order a deferred sale of […]

Where Can I File My Divorce Or Child Custody Case?

San Diego is a military town.  It is not uncommon for a divorce to occur in a military family which has lived in several different military towns over the course of years.  Sometimes a couple will separate and end up living in different cities or states before the divorce case is filed.  Sometimes unmarried couples […]

Stepparent Adoption And Termination Of Parental Rights

Stepparent Adoption and termination of Parental Rights What is termination of Parental rights in a divorce?  When attempting to get an absent parent to pay child support seems like more trouble than it is worth, there is another option when a parent has remarried.  That is stepparent adoption, which confers upon the stepparent all the […]
San Diego divorce lawyer near me

Marital Support and Divorce Proceedings in San Diego

Marital Support in San Diego for Divorce Divorce isn’t pretty, but it doesn’t mean you have to make it harder on yourself than it already is. Michael C. MacNeil is your San Diego family lawyer and specializes in domestic violence, prenups and postnups, marital support and more. There are many reasons why people file for […]