You Missed Your Court Date, Now What?

When you miss a court date for your child custody case, divorce proceedings or prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, you are now at the mercy of two people – the judge and an experienced attorney. Missing a court date has placed you in ‘contempt of court,’ and judges take the violation of family law court orders quite seriously. The punishment that results in missing court can result in jail time and unpleasant fees.

Michael C. MacNeil has been practicing family law in San Diego for more than 15 years and is the experienced attorney you need in your corner in this type of situation. Michael C. Macneil is available to meet at your home or office and will be able to guide you through what to expect when facing this issue. Depending on the specifics of your court scheduled appearance, it is likely a bench warrant was issued (a written order issued by a judge authorizing the arrest of a person charged with some contempt, crime, or misdemeanor) for your arrest.

By speaking with an experienced San Diego attorney such as Michael C. MacNeil, you will be advised to bring documents that may have explained your absence, what to expect at court following your absence, and can arrange with you to be present when surrendering to the warrant in question.

As your San Diego attorney, I understand that life happens. Between work, family and a variety of other matters, remembering court dates can easily slip your mind. Choosing Michael C. MacNeil as your trusted San Diego family lawyer will give you the best defense in arguing your case and getting your life back on track.

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