San Diego Trust and Probate Administration: Part 1

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For many of us, the thought of getting our state of affairs in order seems far off. But in reality, the sooner we take care of our estate and belongings, the better.

When the time comes for a trustee to take control over yours or a loved one’s estate, San Diego law requires that lengthy procedures be followed in a precise manner. As your San Diego attorney, I will be there to guide you through this process and put into effect the wishes set forth by you or your loved one.

What’s Trust and Probate Administration?

“Probate” is required when someone passes away with a will but does not have any sort of family trust. “Probate” may also refer to someone passing away that does not possess any kind of will at all. The process of sorting out affairs can be complicated, time-consuming, and just downright confusing. It is important to have a San Diego lawyer that is well-versed in family law such as trust and probate administration to help guide you in fully navigating this process.

As a San Diego trust and probate administration attorney, I am confident that I will be able to professionally assist you in all matters regarding the issue.

  • First, a representative of the estate will be appointed.
  • Second, the person will be assigned a number of duties and responsibilities – this person is eligible to receive a form of payment for performing these duties in some cases.
  • Third, different assets have different rules, and each rule must be followed.

As your San Diego trust and probate lawyer I will guide you through the process of assorting assets, as well as through the numerous issues that can arise that may complicate probating an estate. These issues can include assets which are outside the decedent’s county of residence, a will contest, litigation, and omitted spouses and/or children.

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