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About Non-Violent Crimes in California

Changes to Penalties for Non-Violent Crimes  Republicans and Democrats have been arguing over proposed changes to Proposition 47, the law passed in 2014 that lessened penalties for many non-violent offenses in California.The law could be changed, with penalties increased, or it could be repealed completely.  With these changes possibly coming and affecting your sentence or […]

Understanding Unmarried Fathers’ Rights in California

In California, more than 35% of babies are born out of wedlock. Cultural norms are evolving, but this trend presents some unique complications in the event of a custody dispute. What happens if the father wants custody or visitation rights? We’re here to clear up the confusion about unmarried fathers’ rights in California.   Does an […]

About Child Custody for Unmarried Mothers in California

You have just experienced one of your life’s joyous occasions—the birth of your bundle of joy. At the same time, you’re experiencing one of life’s greatest nightmares—a custody squabble with the child’s father, as you are not currently married to him. The question is, what are unmarried mothers’ custody rights in California? And does the […]

A Guide to Uncontested Divorce in California

When two people take their wedding vows, the last thing that they want is for their spiritual and civil union to end before “death do us part.” There’s plenty of data to suggest that marriages in the U.S. are more resilient than previously believed.  While it’s hard to pin down divorce statistics, the old 50 […]

Domestic Violence Statistics in San Diego

Domestic violence remains a serious problem across the United States, as about 20 individuals are abused by their intimate partners each minute nationwide. This amounts to 10 million–plus men and women. San Diego is no different when it comes to the prevalence of domestic violence in “the birthplace of California.” Let’s take an objective look […]

Guide to California’s Criminal Codes and What They Mean for You

Learning about the way California processes criminal charges helps you understand the way your criminal defense case may be approached. California’s Criminal charges codes are organized into a series of acts on many different subjects, the most prominent being the Penal Code of California. From there, the text expands into legal jargon which isn’t always […]

Handling Child Endangerment & Neglect Charges During Divorce Cases

Divorce is a messy process that brings up a lot of people’s dirty business. Among that dirty business is a child’s wellbeing. In some cases, this can even include child endangerment under the California penal code. Managing child custody during a divorce case is already difficult. When California child endangerment charges surface, you’ve opened up […]

How Fathers Can Prepare for Custody Battles

  As a dad, you take pride in being able to see your children grow up and become independent contributors to the world around them. When you’re contending with a highly contested divorce, however, in which child custody and child support are in question, and where the mother may be more likely to be granted […]

How Pending Criminal Charges Impact Your Divorce Case

You have chosen to part ways with your spouse, and you can’t help but to feel a sense of relief in the middle of your divorce-fueled emotional whirlwind. Unfortunately, figuring out how to navigate your divorce isn’t your only problem right now, as either you or your soon-to-be-ex is now also facing a criminal charge […]

How Full Custody in California Works

As you embark on the process of divorce, you no doubt feel a sense of relief: you have taken the steps to move on from a partnership that no longer serves you. When you and your future ex-spouse have children together, however, the process can become a little more convoluted, particularly if you know that […]

Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense & Family Law Attorney

You’ve just decided to part ways with your spouse, but your divorce process will not be an ordinary divorce proceeding. That’s because you’ve also decided to file a restraining order against your soon-to-be-ex. Or, perhaps you’re the one who has had a restraining order filed against you, or you have been charged with a crime, […]

What is a Bifurcated Divorce?

Understanding How Bifurcated Divorce Works in California You’ve decided to call it quits with your spouse, and now, you’re ready to move on with your independent life as quickly as possible. The problem is, it seems that your divorce process will take a lot longer than you’d like. What now? Now may be the perfect […]