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In a trust the person who creates and funds the trust is both the settlor and almost always the original trustee. A trust can provide for the removal of the original trustee before his or her death and the replacement of that original trustee by the person who would normally not step in to take over the trust until the orginal trustee died. Expect San Diego trust attorney to ask you under what circumstances you would want a trusted family member or friend to take over as trustee of your trust while you are still alive.

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Would you want your daughter to take over as trustee just upon her sole determination that you could not handle your own affairs? Would you want a majority vote of your three children before that determination is made? Would you want a medical doctor to have to give an affidavit before the successor trustee could take over from you while you are still alive. Or, would you rather that you remain as trustee as long as you are alive unless a court determines that you are incompetent? We discuss these various alternative under Nevada law with our clients.

San Diego Trust Attorney

Parents hate being asked how their estate plans should be changed if one of their children dies before they do. In most cases that doesn’t happen and it is unpleasant to think about. But attorneys get paid to think about unlikely situations.

Expect your attorney to ask questions like:

1.If your child dies before you would you want that child’s share to go to his or her children, or to your other children.

2. Yes, we know you want a particular person to be the successor trustee after you die, but if that person is not able to do so, who is your second choice? Who is your third choice? Who is your fourth choice?

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A trust is a legal instrument that creates an entity, similar to a corporation, to hold, manage and transfer assets. Under state and law, there are distinct advantages, as well as restrictions, that come with holding assets in trust. The San Diego trust attorney employ a wide array of trusts to achieve various goals for their clients. As a long-established law firm, we understand the value of stability, reliability and performance.

These may include:

– Charitable remainder trusts
– Credit shelter trusts
– Disclaimer trusts
– Grantor retained income/annuity trusts
Life insurance trusts
– Marital deduction trusts


San Diego trust attorney have helped hundreds of clients establish trusts as part of their estate plans to help avoid estate taxes and to accommodate complex family issues, particularly arising from second marriages.

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In some situations, litigation may become necessary to resolve familial disputes, and we have attorneys who are particularly experienced in this type of litigation.

Examples of when this type of litigation is triggered are:

– Trust beneficiaries, often siblings or other family members, believe the trustee has breached his or her duty with respect to provisions of the trust.

– A trustee needs to have the court approve a plan of distribution to the beneficiaries.

– A trustee requests court permission to amend an irrevocable trust.

– Other issues arise in the administration of the trust.

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Our attorneys assist clients in organizing their estates for the most efficient transfer of assets to heirs based on client wishes. While this is often a hard topic to think about, it is a critical one to consider so the assets of your estate are managed appropriately after you and/or your spouse’s death.

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 The degree of your estate planning will determine the ease or complexity of settling your affairs once deceased. We encourage you to work with one of our estate planning attorneys for the proper creation and implementation of your estate plan.

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