Restraining Order Cost San Diego

Restraining Order Services

As you navigate the divorce and child custody processes, you may naturally be worried about the outcomes of these cases. However, one of your biggest concerns may be your own protection. For instance, you may be fearful of the consequences of getting divorced or of fighting for the custody of your children. Or maybe you have already suffered an injury at your future ex-spouse’s hands and you’re afraid of suffering harm again. In these situations, you may need to get a restraining order from San Diego’s Superior Court.

At the Law Office of Michael C. MacNeil, I can help you file that order. As your attorney, I can also help you file a temporary restraining order with the San Diego County Sheriff’s office and other departments. I’ll help you take the proper steps to safeguard yourself and hold your abusive spouse accountable.

How to Obtain a Restraining Order

In many cases, if you wish to obtain a temporary restraining order in San Diego, you must visit the appropriate division of law enforcement to complete paperwork, as well as participate in a short hearing. This will allow you to contact authorities for help if the order’s terms end up being violated, and the offender may be punished as a result.

While you’re under the protection of the temporary order, you can pursue a lengthier restraining order, which can be renewed as needed. As your attorney, I can walk you through the restraining order process with the goal of ensuring that your well-being and safety come first. I’ll also explain how this could impact your child custody agreement, as well as how moving away from your abuser may affect your ongoing custody dispute or divorce case.

Get Help Filing a Restraining Order Today

If you feel that your future ex-spouse or co-parent may harm you during your child custody or divorce situation, don’t suffer in silence. Get in touch for a free consultation with me so I can help you figure out how to get a restraining order from the San Diego courts and police departments. I’ll make sure that your best interests are protected every step of the way.