Family Law Services

Going through the divorce process or legal separation in California can be a frustrating and overwhelming endeavor. After all, this event impacts your children as well as your finances. In many cases, it is time consuming and costly.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

As a family law lawyer who had to deal with his own family law issues, I am committed to representing you with dedication and integrity. I know how a combative or condescending attorney can make a stressful situation almost unbearable.

My goal is to get you past court cases or settlements so you can focus on putting your life back together.

Whether you are able to settle your matter or you take it to trial, I am prepared to fight for you. To me, protecting your rights is of the utmost importance.

Child Custody

If you have minor children while you are going through divorce or legal separation in California, you and your children’s other parent may be able to come to an agreement on your child custody matters through mediation.

I will strive to help you to reach a settlement that is both personally beneficial and considers your children’s best interests. We will figure out whether you are best served by joint custody, sole custody, visitation rights, or another of the many options for separated parents.

And, if your former spouse refuses to settle, I will put to work the trial skills I have honed litigating as both a family law attorney and a former deputy district attorney.

Restraining Orders & Contempt Hearings

As a deputy district attorney, I prosecuted cases involving domestic violence. That means I understand the ins and outs of these types of cases in ways that ordinary family law attorneys do not. Not only can domestic violence have consequences in family court, they can also carry with them criminal consequences which are even more serious.

I am prepared to fight for your best interests, whether somebody is pursuing a restraining order against you or you’re pursuing an order against your abuser.

My extensive courtroom experience is especially helpful if you are accused of violating a child support or child custody order. I know what will land someone behind bars, and I can make sure your rights are protected.

Prenuptial/Postnuptial Agreements

Before you walk down the aisle, I can help you to draft a prenup designed to protect your assets in the event of a future divorce. If you’re currently married and would like to formally agree with your spouse on specific terms now to prevent conflict during a potential future divorce, I can create a postnup for you.

Contact the Law Office of Michael C. MacNeil today for your free consultation regarding my California family law services, including those for divorce or legal separation in California.