Divorce Mediation in San Diego

Divorces are notorious for being painfully expensive and messy events where the most intimate details of a former couple’s private life are exposed to public view. Although any divorce may require airing more of your dirty laundry than you’d like any third-party to see, mediation is an excellent option available to make the process more tolerable.

After being the divorce mediator for many San Diego couples, I can attest to the many benefits of choosing mediation.

Mediation allows separating spouses to try to reach an agreement regarding their marriage dissolution themselves rather than having a judge decide the details of the separation. A neutral third-party, typically an attorney with specialized training in mediation, will preside over the process, helping to guide the divorcing parties toward the settlement of their outstanding issues.

Mandatory Custody Mediation

In California, there is no obligation for former couples to mediate their divorce unless there is a child custody dispute involved. However, mediation is an attractive option for many divorcees as it is typically less expensive and intrusive than ordinary family court litigation.

Instead of each party having to pay an attorney a high hourly fee to battle through endless courtroom appearances, a single San Diego divorce mediator helps you both navigate property and money issues for a fraction of the cost and time.

One exception to California’s voluntary divorce mediation policy is in the case of a child custody disagreement. Parties divorcing in California are required to attend a mandatory custody mediation when child custody disputes are involved.

The mandatory custody mediations are usually conducted at the courthouse by a licensed therapist chosen by the court. The mediation is exclusively focused on custody issues and will not involve any other matters ancillary to the divorce. Attorneys are not able to participate in this mediation session as it is meant to be an opportunity for the parents to resolve their custody dispute directly.

If you think you may need an experienced family attorney or divorce mediator in San Diego divorce, please contact me for a low-cost mediator consultation.