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San Diego native Michael C. MacNeil received his Bachelor of Arts degree from UCLA in 1998 and his law degree from the University of San Diego in 2001. He has been a trial lawyer for 15 years. As a sole practitioner, he is dedicated to providing personalized, professional services at a reasonable fee, whereas law firms are designed to maximize fees. Mr. MacNeil is available to meet in your home, at your place of work, or in an office setting.


The issues in divorce cases are not black and white. You need an advocate to protect your rights during this difficult emotional and financial ordeal.

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Child Custody

Your children mean everything to you. Your attorney can advise and assist with such issues as child custody and visitation, child support, past-due child support, child relocation, and abuse/abduction issues.

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Unless you have a carefully crafted estate plan, someone other than you will make decisions on your behalf. And this does not only apply to your assets and finances.

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Common questions

How long will divorce take?

Unfortunately, the court calendars are very full, so divorce is a lot like taking a number and waiting your turn.  This can take anywhere from months to even years.  Even after a divorce order is made, it will take six months to become final.  As you might expect, a more complicated case will take longer, and a simpler case will not take as long.  Please contact me to discuss the particulars of your situation.

How much will child support and spousal support be?

Child support and spousal support are calculated using a formula fixed by state law.  The factors which determine these amounts include your income, your spouse’s income, the number of children, the timeshare with the children, and whether support payments are made for children of a different relationship.

What will my timeshare with the children be?

The standard the court uses is what is in the best interests of the children.  The court will take into account each parent’s history of caring for the children and their future ability and willingness to do so.  Each case is different.  Your attorney will advocate for a fair and practical timeshare with your children.

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